50Over the years does not change flavor have continued.
Soon bite brought back nostalgic memories of the old days.

 Letter from the Chairman

Its 50th anniversary, so 30-there are many who have been through 40 years regular customer.
Is your marriage before children coming and obsession, that child marriage, and also children, a visit
Also today, please visit in the 3rd generation 4th generation often.
Margin in your life, like family, work, and really makes me happy, most I will feel stiff and.
Continued flavour, such as one frame per page of personal life from now on, I think.

☆ Mud Bochi ☆ (Marukin Ramen Exclusive Illustrator)

If you are interested in sex, please ask me at the shop.
Age... it's a secret (yes w)
Hobbies... playing games & drawing

◆A thing◆
Nice to meet you all. It is "Mud Bochi" exclusive illustrator of Malkin ramen!
Malkin original character with the motif of a favorite cat of mud
Now somewhere in the store , a picture of "Malkinyator and his rock friends"
I have you decorate it.
I would be happy if my illustrations caught the eye of as many customers as possible while eating delicious ramen!


 Malkin members wanted!